Welcome to this Eastern Woodlands world of assimilation,
Where we meet at Powwow time, without hesitation.
Up and down this coast, from South to North;
We mingle unseen - but occasionally step forth.

In this neck of the woods of the mid-Atlantic Coastal Region folk;
We are called the "Lenape", with a further term of Nanticoke.
Sometimes the historical term "Lenni"-Lenape is invoked.

Lenni-Lenape means: "original people". That is what we mean to say.
"Grandfathers" of the Algonquin people described themselves that way;
Using the active language of their day.

In the Algonquin language,"Nentego" or "Nantiquak" became "Nanticoke".
"People of the tidewater" are those of whom they spoke.
In English we softly say "Our folk"

Of course explorers called us "Indians", mind you;
Even though, as we know, the term has never rung true.
Sailors from the West sailed east toward India;
But our Turtle Island continent failed to let them through.
The term "Indian", nevertheless, has stuck like glue.

Today, in these Eastern Woodlands and on these Mid-Atlantic shores, do such so-called Indians, in ever expanded - mixed and remixed groups - really exist? Or have they been assimilated to the point of invisibility? - maybe even extinction?

Well now! . . . (with an active drum roll, please) . . . and the answer is: Yes! Yes, there is still a genetic as well as a psychological imprint of generally termed "Indian" people on these Mid-Atlantic shores and in these Eastern Woodlands.

This site is dedicated to those who know of their indigenous heritage and wish to honor and celebrate it; as well as to those who wish to respect the history of a vibrant people continuing the struggle begun centuries ago; continuing to express their humanity; continuing to express their right to simply "be".

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In thoughts, in memories, in whispered comments;
in discovered connections and in deathbed revelations,
there is an insistence upon existence.
So what
if there are no buffalo here in these Eastern Woodlands!
The people remain . . . !

"N O   B U F F A L O"

No Buffalo; no wide-open plains; no buckskin daily wear.
No wampum, no wigwams, no feathers in the hair.
Still, to be found, here and there,
In groups large and small.
All gathered to say: "Recognize us this way.
We exist after all".

Thus . . .



Continues "

The ones that matter most are the children

They are the true human beings.
                                                                       Lakota proverb:



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